About Dee

I was raised in a small quiet town. We felt safe and thought we could trust most of the people around us. It didn’t take long to realize that was all a preconception.

I soon learned that bad things can happen to good girls, and it was my responsibility to make sure they didn’t happen to me. I was fortunate to have a strong family foundation and parents that instilled honesty and integrity in our daily lives.  My parents had their own retail store in which they sold Hardware, House wares, Sporting Goods, and Guns.  When I wasn’t out running with my girlfriends, or at the swimming pool,  I was helping them in the store.  In the summer months we would spend as much time as possible in the mountains and dad would make sure we all knew how to handle and shoot guns safely.

He instilled a very strong attitude of safety and respect for guns in all of us. I am now a Certified Instructor for the NRA,  as well as a Certified Instructor for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permits It is my goal to educate others in the safe handling of firearms, and provide information on how you can stay safe and minimize your risk of becoming victimized.

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