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Personal Protection and Handgun Training

Learn the tools you need to develop your own personal safety strategy, including information on the Psychology of the Criminal Mind Are you capable of using deadly force? Preparation - Religion - Moral standards - Judgment - Mental preparation Levels of awareness, Cover Vs. Concealment Emergency plan for responding to a possible break-in (3 hrs. Classroom – Break – 3 hours Shooting Range) $150.00 Discounts available for group organizers with 6 or more attendees

Check Back Often for Additional meets.
Dates are subject to change.
A limit of 12 attendees for practice and exercise drills.
Reserve your spot with advance payment.  ($50.00)
If you cannot attend after making payment, notify 911 Defense (24 hours in advance) and credit may be applied to an upcoming event.
Please remember others may want to attend if your spot is not going to be used.
You are responsible for your own hearing (electronic ear muffs recommended) and eye protection.
You are also responsible for your own firearm and ammunition.
If you need a handgun it can be provided to you for an additional cost along with the ammunition.
Each meeting will be approx. 3 hours long.
Maximum attendees, 12 per meet.
Supporting Vendors
Fox Prairie Gun Club
Hiding Hilda

National Rifle Assoc.

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