The Utah CCW permit training class takes up to 4 hours. Live firing of a weapon is not required to obtain the Non-Resident Utah concealed weapons permit. We offer the Utah concealed carry training classes at various locations.

A Group of six or more can have this course brought to you at your location at your convenience.

We take care of fingerprints and your passport photo, saving you time and money. Please bring a photo copy of your drivers license, Indiana CCW permit. We mail in your application for you.


See our CCW Training & NRA Class Calendar page for class dates and registration.

“What good does it do for an Indiana resident to receive Utah concealed carry permit training?

With Utah concealed carry permit training and Utah CCW permits, you can legally carry a concealed firearm in 35 states.

That’s 67% of the USA.  Including Ohio.


National Rifle Assoc.

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